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Creating New Sexy Stories With ESSENTIALS

Creating New Sexy Stories With ESSENTIALS


Everything I make comes from materials that once had a different story. I often wonder what those stories are? A prom night dress, a men’s work jacket, a bag of yarn from someone’s sewing basket. Each item that has been donated was once a part of a prior story with a different purpose in a past life. 

Every time I walk into a local thrift store I feel those stories in both the items themselves and in the other people who are also shopping for those items. No thrift store is the same and we never know what we find when we enter one, that’s the true beauty in cyclical shopping. 

I view thrifted items like gold, an exciting form of untapped treasure. I search for meaning in items that someone else decided they no longer found meaning in. 

Since most of my pieces are 1of1s, I wanted to offer more size options while still upholding my commitment to ethical fashion practices. As a way to share the sustainable sexy vibes, I am introducing the ESSENTIALS, a collection of never identical but always consistent upcycled pieces.

The ESSENTIALS are made from black mesh material, sourced from dresses and scarves. I chose this material because I love how universally the color black can make us feel sexy, seductive, sensual. When you wear an ESSENTIALS set, you are wearing pieces of someone else’s story, while creating your own. 

The more waste we can make sexy the better. And with the ESSENTIALS, we can convert discarded items into new sexy stories. I aim to use every last scrap of fabric when I create. Leftover material from lingerie sets have served as little stars on another MORF purse and  scraps of denim from previous designs have found its way on new platforms. It bothers me to cut up a perfectly good piece of clothing and see it go to waste.

I hate seeing things go to waste because I see beauty in the waste

I believe that it’s essential…

to reduce the amount of waste that we add to our planet

to feel beautiful

to channel your sexy

to be playful

to have fun in the dark

to show kindness

to let loose

to face your fears

to give back

to honor yourself

to create your own story.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your commitment to sustainable fashion is super sexy.


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